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Big Data Development in Malaysia: The Journey of Eliminating Oversight through Hindsight

November 29, 2016 |by Friederike Maier | 0 Comments | Dokumentation | ,

Big Data has been increasingly gaining attention worldwide. The Big Data phenomenon is real and slowly defining a new paradigm in the society as more and more technological devices such as smartphones, connected devices and robots making their way into our lives. The importance of leveraging Big Data and analytics to provide desired outcome is becoming a must to stay competitive. This paper attempts to evaluate the current development of Big Data in Malaysia. Big Data is relatively new in Malaysia and more have to be done to increase awareness and overcome technological and social barriers in implementing a timely fact-based data-driven decision making approach before we can capture the benefits. Thus, the current initiatives by the public sector, private sector and the community to encourage adoption of Big Data Analytics and to understand the non-readiness of industries for the big data economy are discussed. The current state of Big Data Development, future perspective, opportunities, open issues and challenges to be addressed in order to capitalize on the new digital economy are also discussed. Lastly, four pilot projects initiated by the government to drive Big Data adoption and the growth of ICT industry in Malaysia are summarized.

mahIr. Mah Siew Kien, a Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate with Board of Engineers (BEM), Malaysia has over 14 years of working experience in several fields as a product engineer and project manager; including academic, product engineering, project management and IT consulting. She has been involved in various product development technology transfer projects in the Electronic Manufacturing Services sector and IT project management and consulting activities during the course of her career. Ir. Mah Siew Kien holds a Master in Electrical, Electronic & Systems Engineering from National University of Malaysia. She is currently a Principal Lecturer in Nilai University and has been actively serving the Women Engineer Section of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM). Her current research interests are nanoelectronics and Internet of Things for Electronics.