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Keynote: knowledge is power

November 20, 2016 |by Friederike Maier | 0 Comments | Dokumentation | , , ,

Karin Hutfloetz: Studium der Chemie, Mathematik und Philosophie in München. Promotion in Philosophie und Psychologische  Zusatzausbildung zum Professionellen Coach. Freiberuflich tätig mit Coaching und Beratung: Schwerpunkt Persönliche Entwicklung
und Berufliche Orientierung. Referentin für verschiedene Bildungsinstitutionen. Dozentin an der Hochschule für Philosophie SJ in München.

Today the phrase „ Knowledge is power“ (F. Bacon,
1598) strikes us selfevident. It was the beginning of the
triumphal procession and progress of science and tech-
nology that changed the world until today. However,
today the power of people who really have knowledge
in this field is shifted to power games of individuals
who have pure economic interests. How can we take
the power of knowledge more seriously? How can we take responsibility for a wise and reasonable formation and creation of our world? The talk gives a brief sketch of the historical  backgrounds and future perspectives, especially to women in science and engineering.