Women in digital Technology

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Women in digital Technology

November 29, 2016 | Friederike Maier | Dokumentation

As the digital economy is becoming more important, it appears to provide an answer to the innumerable problems of young graduates. Digital economy option is an adequate response to youth employability if well supported and if the “maturation” of the startups in incubators is sufficient to ensure the sustainability of the company.
This issue returns us to reflect the classic view on entrepreneurship and to what extent the rethink, because it no longer fully meets the needs of populations. So we must see the opportunities of the digital economy.

sarr_webRufina Dabo Sarr:
Post graduate in science of education (2005), Ms SARR is professor of Natural science since 1983. With 19 years teaching at higher school including 3 years as coordinator of the World Links Project (ICT), and GLOBE Program Coordinator / Senegal (Global Learning and Observations to benefit the environment). In 2002, Ms SARR was appointed Technical Advisor in charge of Girls’ Education, Science, Environment and ICT at the Presidency of the Republic. In addition, Ms. SARR is the Founder President of the Association of Women for the promotion of Science and Technology in Senegal (AFSTech/Senegal). Ms SARR is member of INWES Board since 2011, and now Director of Africa Francophone. Currently, Ms SARR is the Head of Division of Cooperation and Partnership at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.