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Greetings from the INWES President

November 26, 2016 | Friederike Maier | Dokumentation

Eine Internationale Grußnote kam von KONG-JOO LEE, der Präsidentin von INWES, dem International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists.
Paralell zur DIB-Tagung fand nämlich auch die INWES Reginal Conference statt und der INWES Europe wurde gegründet.


Some more Infos on INWES from the conference programm:

The International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) is an international network body serving as an NGO, as a partner of UNESCO. INWES was created with the vision “To build a better future worldwide, through the full and effective participation of women and girls in all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM.)”. INWES oversees the International Conference for Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES), which has been held every three years in various parts of the world for supporting Women in Engineering and Science since 1964. ICWES16 was held in 2014 in L.A., USA, ICWES17 will be in Dehli, India, 2017.
We anticipate active discussions on “Science. Knowledge. Power”. Also we setting up the third INWES Regional Network during the conference, INWES Europe, prepared by the kick-off team of INWES Europe from 2015. INWES has established the regional network to foster and promote its activities in a physically close and similar time zone region, because they have common interests as well as regional problems that can be solved together. INWES Europe is the third INWES regional network (the first is Asia Pacific Nations Network (APNN) and the second African Regional Network (ARN).
For INWES spirit to build actions for a gender equal, sustainable, technological, inclusive society, we need ‘close networking’. This is because we need the ‘collective wisdom’ to make our world a more gender equal place and to promote our societies by extending our horizon to maximize the diversity and openness. We can share our experiences, our passions, times, energies and ideas and care for each other and learn from one another, which will empower us as Women Scientists and Engineers.